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Gulf of Mexico

Hello, Welcome to my page. I occasionally update it, so remember to hit your refresh browser from time to time.

I have been interested in science for as long as I can remember. From a very early age I was interested in science, philosophy, marksmanship, flying airplanes, inventions and business. I learned to read very well early in life and by the time I was 6 I was reading nearly entire encyclopedias to satisfy my interest in learning.  My favorite types were the ones where at the end of one subject, there were links to similar subjects. 

I have always had an interest in motion and energy.  As simple as that statement is, it sums up why I am a mechanical engineer, why I think airplanes are fascinating, why high velocity experiments hold my interest.

I created this web page to share with people some of the experiences I have and some of the learning’s I am involved with. I have recently created this site and I will continue to add to it in the future.  I plan on this site growing into something quite interesting over time. I hope that you enjoy this page and maybe even learn something from it or from some of the other links from this site.

Right now, I design and redesign parts for manufacturing industries.

Before that, I worked with tools that scan rocks. I used acoustics, nuclear fusion and fission, and electricity.

I still am very much interested in aerospace and other technologies including many energy fields.

I've been spending a lot of time in National Wildlife Refuges. I highly recommend visiting / supporting them if you get the chance.

I am on Australian TV, on Channel 9's "What's Good For You" . Beyond Productions wanted to get some good microwave footage, so they found Sam, and they came up to our old garage to do some shooting. The crew said they came up here to film an episode and we gave them something spectacular! The show is on microwaves and whether they are safe or not. It is a great show and we had a great time on it. Thanks go out to Beyond Productions and my friend Sam Barros for putting me on it. You can see me near the end of the clip (about 5 min)
  You can watch the video-clip here.

For sentimental reasons, I keep some old pictures of me and my dog Max online .

I built a jet engine with a good friend of mine while I was at school. Here is the link.

Curious as to what else I am up to or have worked on? Check out the Projects Page





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